Introducing CHC’s exclusive patent applied Dual Header. Whether on road, off road, in plant, tight radius or steep grade the Dual Header can handle it all.

Check Out These Features:

  • Hydraulic rear-steer at 35° left and right remotely
  • Double drop 31'6" well length
  • Deck height of 28" to camber arch
  • Haul loads up to 75,000 pounds distributed
  • Design allows for low empty weight, thus greater haul limit
  • 53' Turning radius
  • Ability to crab steer or traverse sideways
  • Ability to asend and decend steep grades (is there a limit?)
  • Modular design concept allows for multiple, diverse and unique type power units in the front and rear

  • Design allows off road construction eqiupment to push, pull, and steer rear dolly as an alternative concept. Also, front power assisted dolly can be added.
  • 60" Wide beam style frame to facilitate and compensate for over width loads
  • Can pushed, pulled, and steered by hitching up to extendable rear bar
  • For optimum power, braking, and steering extremes, we can add standard road tractors on each end, 1-comes and 1-goes

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